Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank you 250R, a “seasonal” random thought.

I’m what some may call the antithesis of a celebrant, so when fall/winter approach and most begin to plan for stuffed bird day, excess and mythical fat man season, I’d much rather find a secular serene realm where to retreat. Ah ha, you say, there is a name for that Mr. "Green". I think it’s great that many will participate in the festivities but for those of us who’d rather be exempt, let us be free of such rituals. Some of us moto enthusiast will follow our own two-lane path.

I suppose it may be that the joy and or experience many seek during these designated times I tend to experience most times I ride my moto, albeit through an inverse approach, allow me to elaborate. I enjoy being in open plains and forested mountainous terrain surrounded by unfamiliar sights instead of familiar disgruntled travel weary individuals. Every time, I return home from a moto-run whether it was a circuit in the neighborhood or cross State lines jaunts I’m grateful that I made it back home and will ride another day.

One can argue my seasonal aversion is based on perspective of either being overtly grateful and generous once year or simply year round? I prefer the latter. So here is to the stuffed bird day, excess and mythical fat man season! Enjoy the Ride.

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