Friday, January 25, 2013

Sport Touring: Common uncertainty…elusive perfection.

It’s early January and around the North East (U.S.) most motos are hibernating in their respective underground dens or garages, with not much else going on I have been looking forward to what has now become (by default) a yearly tradition: The International Moto Show. It’s early Saturday morning; I rolled out bed and on my way to downtown D.C. for my third annual pilgrimage via Metro Rail.

The Show has become a predictable event with the usual vendors and manufactures on hand, attempting to seduce you with their latest products, a conglomerate of exquisitely shaped metal on wheels, beautiful indeed. This past season was my second season with the 250R, and I must admit I have considered the options of what if I upgraded to (fill in the blank)? 

Similarly to most other aspects of quotidian affairs moto enthusiasts tend to continuously assess their moto aspirations, and the Moto Show is one of the best places to reaffirm or challenge your moto selections, and I am far from immune to such whimsical affairs.  I have a strong aversion to large crowds (and bullshit) and usually it only takes less than a couple of hours for me to scan, walk and assess the latest offerings.  This year I walked away really impressed with Honda’s latest offering the new CBR500R, in bright red with ABS of course.

It fulfills the 250R’s main shortcoming (at least for my purposes), added horsepower.  When you find yourself Tarmac Surfing on the super slab trying to pass a big rig and there is nothing left on reserve, it is an uneasy feeling. Thus I have considered the alternatives. As I mentioned in previous posts I am a big fan of BMW motos. Fast. Precise. Inspiring, except I am unwilling and unable to absorb the exorbitant price tag.

The CBR500R, on the other hand seems within reach of mere mortals with limited resources, definite bank accounts and everyday constraints, Me.  After ten years of being absent from the sport, common sense dictates that I should be content with my current status and cease to lust after new machinery. But human nature demands that one must continue to question and search for what one considers being, the next best perfect (blank).

I am aware of this fact, yet my unconscious self contradicts every logical thought and surrenders to a primal desire that propels one forward, forward momentum must be maintained figuratively and literally. Existence for most of us on this blue sphere is void of any type of guarantees, the bright fiery star on the horizon will set and rise each day whether one will be there to witness it, is… well uncertain.

 There is only one thing I know when I set out on a tour, and that is I want to Surf, for as long as I am able to claim this privilege.  If one’s existence is limited than time should be exploited.  At higher speeds and revolutions there is not time for hesitation of doubts, there is only time to simply be Be Yourself. Some have asked what is the best bike?, where are the best roads to ride? This is something I’m unable to answer.

After meandering through the aisles of a moto show and surfing the super slabs of the U.S. it is unknown whether the perfect moto and ride exist. What I do know is that every tour has and will be filled with common uncertainty and elusive perfection. This is reality, exponentially beautiful reality.