Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sport Touring: Welcome to the Buckeye State...

It's Saturday morning and I have been anticipating this day for a while.  The air is cool, and Fall is comfortably settling in, with an ambient temperature of 49F and a slightly disturbing wind.  The Moto is ready,  I am ready and thus it is time to surf.  I have been in Ohio now for nearly 11 long months, and I have been less then enthuse to explore, it lacks a beach and mountains.  However, there is still plenty of tarmac and a few rolling hills with exquisite back roads.  I set out this morning to find a few of these hidden gems.

In order to reach my destination I must surf the super slab and a high speed state road south east of Columbus, and share space with cage operators more concern with checking their status rather than ensure safety for all. That is the world we must experience.  After over an hour of high speed surfing I finally reached my destination state road (SR) 691.  I am the only moto on this road, excellent!  

My bovine suit is keeping me warm, my tactile senses are on hyper mode and I can easily operate my Moto controls, the tachometer sways right and left as I adjust the speed in order to meet road conditions successfully.  The parallel twin's 650cc hum beautifully and begs to be unleashed.  The falling leaves come out to greet me and fly pass me at leisure speed, the road is decorated with deceased raccoons, foxes, and skunks aromas that ensure I remain alert to road conditions.  This is what I have been missing, a band aid fix to a bigger conundrum.  It shall suffice for today. I must exist in the present and in the present time I am surfing, smooth two lane tarmac.

The roads in the area offer a beautiful yet simplistic experience to the moto-surfer punctuated by the questionable  banners on front lawns.  I am here to experience and meditate as I surf at variable rates of speed.  And realize that I must return to my origins as I would be unwelcome here.  I stopped to refuel in Nelsonville Ohio, as an old red 1993 Dodge Ram 150 drives by rusted and bellowing, a relic of times past.  I reached SR 56 and arrived in Athens, Ohio, what appears to be a 1970's  era hold out.  

I ride through town and the Ohio University Campus, it seems like a nice place but time is short and I must now surf north bound.  I easily locate SR 33 north and rolled the throttle, Ibex abides and settled in at a rapid 70mph pace.  The wind speed has increased and I must lean into the wind to avoid being swept off the tarmac.  The sky is blue and sunny, the leaves are vibrant and my mind is clear.  This is the ever evasive motor bliss.  I know that am almost home.  This is my reality, exponentially beautiful reality. 

Ready to Surf with Ibex

A good way to end or start a ride, orange brioche and iced tea

A beautiful relic
A tarmac surfer's welcome sign

A view from the cockpit

Beauty is subjective...Nature is Beautiful

Semper Fidelis

In a time of hyper-activism...