Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sport Touring: The Tarmac Surfer Rises

 Distance: 310 miles/ 496 km
Weather: 55F/13C
Highest MPG: 78.4

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It’s been awhile since the 250R and I have seen the open road and today, well it was time to gear up and set out from my subterranean quarters. The destination: Eastern Maryland.  It’s early Saturday, the temperature is ideal hovering around 55F/13C.  It has been a long hot summer and I have spent an excessive amount of time in this thing we call Concrete Jungle (BM), it’s time to surf, enter the 250R.

As usual trying to leave Mega-metropolis behind it’s a bit challenging, its gravitational pull is fairly strong and it wants to drag me back into the Abyss. Once I reached the Otherside (RHCP) and crossed the Bay Bridge in Annapolis, MD., the cool ocean breeze and salty aroma offer the remedy I’ve been looking for, the highway narrows into a two lane road follow by multiple back roads to choose from, moto bliss is near I can sense it.

I’m not the only one who planned a day near the ocean and I have plenty of company on the road, Ocean City MD, is hosting Bike Week and thousands of moto-pilgrims are making their way to the shoreline. Everywhere I look there are shiny, powerful steeds, I scanned my surroundings in hope of locating another moto minimalist, but no such luck today. It appears I may be the only one riding a 250.

There are too many vehicles on the road and just like a Las Vegas buffet line things begin to slow down, this is not an option for me ,  I must keep moving. I checked the map on my tank bag and plotted a new route, ah beautiful it works and I continued to roll.  One of the things I look for while touring is small towns, I know that one day soon I will relocate and having an extensive knowledge of nice small towns may prove to be helpful, eastern Maryland offers a glimpse of possibilities.

Somewhere along scenic route 16 in eastern MD.

It ‘s now around 14:00 and I have been on the road for a few hours, the saddle feels like concrete bench at  a park  and the fuel tank it’s not the only tank that is running low, I need to find a place to eat and rest. I cruised past Ocean City, MD, on my way to Berlin, MD. A fellow moto enthusiast recommended a brewing company to visit if ever in the area, well, I’m in the area and I’m thirsty, except I will have to take it home.

After running in circles for a few minutes I located the Brewery, secured a couple souvenirs and cruised down main street looking for a place to eat and some sightseeing. Berlin, seemed like a nice town, albeit too nostalgic, I snapped a few shots, geared up and got back on the road, I’m only half way into this trip and it’s already 1600, time to let the 250 do what it does best, let it roll. It’s time for me to get home.

  Scully patiently waiting for me outside the local watering hole. I support my local and distant craft brewery.

The souvenirs, a couple of bottles of Bunker C robust porter (Alc. 6.8% by Vol) aged in bourbon barrels for six months, a special release. Each bottle individually number 183, 179 of 420 respectively.

Main street Berlin, MD. (north side)

Main street Berlin, MD. (south side)

A local biker friendly eatery, at least today.

I come out the restaurant and found the 250 surrounded by a bunch of v twin thugs. Everywhere we went we got add looks, almost as if to say,"dude is that really a touring motorcycle?" to which I'd had replied "why yes, it is and best of all I own it! Merci Beaucoup.

 It was a beautiful day, full of awesome weather, smooth tarmac, nice sightseeing and a few close calls that quickly brought me back to reality! In a time where faux-reality shows are ubiquitous, Comics superheroes have become blockbusters and social media pollutes your mind, Sport touring is reality, exponential beautiful reality. In the end I’d rather be my own superhero, a Tarmac Surfer.  Stop asking yourself, I wonder (SR) if..,[insert own question] go out there create your own reality and Enjoy the Ride. 

Ready to surf.