Friday, June 15, 2012

Sport touring: …just a weekend warrior no more

I once said, “in an ideal world I would be a year-round rider”. I suppose that time has arrived, is it ideal? It all depends on perspective. Due to unforeseen events I had to switch my desk riding location, from one that was moto-unfriendly to one that actually facilitates such indulgence. It has now been five weeks of daily moto-indulgence and I must say it has been… well [you fill in the blank].

Although my commute is only ten miles round trip through mega-metropolis I have found it to be a concurrently intrinsically rewarding, soul agitating experience. For example, during my first week of commuting I went five out five, as in five non-consecutive days of wet tarmac.  For the first five days I rode on wet tarmac, under cloudy skies, light drizzle to full on summer drenching storm, so please don’t ask “Have you ever seen the rain?” (CCR). I’ve seen it and surfed through it.

Monday thru Friday rain or shine the 250 and I will head out to ride the tarmac through this “Wicked Garden” (STP). Only time will tell how long this can be sustained.  In the meantime get out there and Enjoy the Ride.