Sunday, November 27, 2011

In search of: two-lane roads and moto-bliss amidst the madness.

As the inescapable flaky and icy days approach us, warm and sunny days are as scarce as petrol for under $3 a gallon, at least in the U.S. So when such day does arrive you got to…. Well ride it out. By now you may be aware that I enjoy living in a metropolis as much as going to dentist after visiting the local department of motor vehicles to register my moto, but I digress. The day started out unlike most others it was sunny, it was warm and the weather called for 69F! I know, hard to believe in late November but I won’t argue with the weather. It’s time to warm up the 250 and head for a stroll, but where to? The warm weather will only peak for a couple of hours so a cross-state line jaunt is off the schedule; ah I’m brain fucking the idea just get out and ride!

I’m out the door, the 250 feels smooth, the shifting is right on the throttle is responsive, it leans, it stops it cruises along nicely. I’m having a good day in The Matrix but I still have not found what I crave. And then I remember that there is a place near by where the mental fog evaporates, where the antidote to stagnation and boredom exists, albeit in a minute dose. I found this place unintentionally; actually the fellow who sold me my old ride recommended it. This place is inconspicuous to the non-moto enthusiast but to me it is a refuge and a playground. It’s really nothing special when you look at it, it could be anywhere in the U.S. In another realm this road would lead you to a small town, except here it’s within 15 miles of Washington D.C!

It’s probably about 5 miles/ 8km long, but within those miles you can be transported to another place, another state of mind. Where the weather is great the tarmac is decent, cages are scarce and most importantly your mind is free, if only briefly. It reminds me of the beauty of riding, one may ride cross-country, across the state or around the neighborhood for that one elusive moment [insert own thought] and when you find it it’s moto-bliss. It was a great short ride, it made my day, I got home safe pet my boxer pup and was happy I get to ride another day.

There is “Hope” (Jack J.) and so the search for new two-lane roads and moto-bliss whether near or afar goes on, ‘till then Enjoy the Ride.

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