Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sweet, Fast, Naked Motos!

It has now been over a month since the 250R went into hibernation and I must say it has been bearable. As I mentioned in previous posts I used to live in CA where the weather is moto-friendly almost year round. If you can become proficient at navigating the traffic madness you can ride year round. Unfortunately, when I lived in CA I was missing a moto most of the time and missed out on riding, today I have a moto but the weather is less than friendly. I guess as some may sing you can’t always get what you want (RS) Or can you?

If one live in an ideal realm free of constraints (e.g. financial, labor,insert own constraint, time, etc.) I would be writing this blog while on break during an epic-moto trip, before I surf down the Beartooth Highway and drop down from a huge mountain. On my way to climb the going-to-the-Sun road in Glacier National Park, but I am far from an idealist and prefer a realistic approach to my existence.

As a realist I must accept the fact that I still inhabit The Matrix and it is currently excessively cold here! So what does one do when the weather slaps you with leaves, dumps ice flakes on your head and quarantined you inside your living quarters? You go window shopping at the International Motorcycle Show, a moto-enthusiast toy store!

I look forward to going to the show like a pup looks forward to running in the park, and I really enjoyed checking out all the new steeds. Before I went I thought I might walk out there wishing I had a different, bigger, better bike, at the end I walked out feeling pretty happy about my decision to get a 250R. I did find a potential replacement for my 250R should something happen to it. It was rather unexpected, a new 2012 green Kawasaki 650 (see picture below). It looks nice, fast, but most importantly the geometry is more relax and comfortable then the 250’s, although $3500 more expensive, ouch, maybe under ideal circumstances.

Overall it was a good outing, lots of nice shiny rides that would look good in my stable, if I had one. I will never have a stable full of fast, exquisitely contoured metal on wheels, and the weather will always be imperfect in some place, at some time. Some may think that overall it is difficult to get exactly what one wants, a valid assumption if what one desires consist primarily of material things. Fortunately, what I want these days are the intangible rewards that result from being able to enjoy freedom, freedom to roam on my moto…to do what I want Any old time (RS), and at least for now that is within my abilities. What are you waiting for? go out be free and Enjoy the Ride.

Here is a completely bias pictorial report from the show, grab a Brown Ale sit back and and enjoy.

Norton's Cafe Racer.

Triumph's take on the Cafe.

An old brand that refuses to go extinct.

Eric Buell's Super-Steed.

Kawi's Concours land rocket.

Super Ninja 1000+ tarmac scorcher.

Yamaha's 1300 excess sport-touring missile.

Triumph's speed triple naked beast.

Triumph's new too-tall for me Tiger.

250R Ninja apprentice, still running on carburetors.

Almost all new 2012 awesome slime-green 650.

My next go-to green machine (with a set of Givi cases), should anything happen to my 250R.