Thursday, November 10, 2011

A straight line is the shortest distance between point A & B, but it does not always lead to the most scenic destination.

Mileage: 220miles/ 352 km
Ambient temperature: 40F/ 7C

I live in a monolithic Metropolis, and the unrelenting pace of inhabiting it sometimes makes one feel like a wound-up toy that must be set free to run; enter the 250R. The other day I woke up and decided it was a good day to ride out to the Atlantic Ocean via the most direct route I can find, and so I did. I’m from Southern California and while living there I enjoyed the luxury of being able to go to the beach on a whim, whether it was via bus, car, Moto, on my road bike, even running along the shoreline by El Segundo, CA. When I lived in Northern California I was afforded an even better luxury, the beautiful Redwood forested foggy north coast, but I digress, let’s get back to Sport-touring on the 250R.

With the temperature hovering around 45F/7C, I set out due East early morning, I have three layers on, and my heated gloves stashed in my tank bag just in case. The ride starts out slow, riding through the city onto highway 50 Eastbound across the Bay Bridge in Annapolis, MD. until I finally reached the other side where the two-lane road begins…. sweeping turns and smooth tarmac, Ah relief.

It’s amazing how tranquil the ride was and how much the area reminded me of the Midwest U.S., with lots of farms, barns, John Deer tractors and small main streets. I have a Maryland map but not a Delaware map, I’m winging it, I have enough fuel, water and a snack in my bag, it’s time to just “ Let it roll”. I know I’m close to the water I can sense it now, I’ve just got to find the back road that will lead me to the water. For a moment I became distracted by this road sign, there is a sweeping left turn on the road, oh, wait, stop reading it! It was not a close call but I did have to perform a dirt track like maneuver dropping my left foot, leaned hard left to get back on track and avoid the ditch, no problem I got this.

Finally, after meandering through Delaware I reached my destination The Atlantic Coast near Slaughter Beach, via a non-tourist outlet (see pictures). By the time I arrived the fog was ubiquitous, it was low tide and eerily silent. I could not see or hear the waves. By now you are thinking bummer, you rode all the way out there and there is not much to see! I know, but I went there simply for the salty ocean smell and the engulfing fog that I find to be serene. And you may ask why ride to a point less destination? It was a beautiful day and because on occasion when I ride for the simple joy of riding it feels like the “time of your life” (GD).

My first State crossing sign.

My view to the South.

My view to the North.

My view inland.

Side note: one of the best ways to end a moto-ride, pizza, tea, baked goods.


  1. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Wish you a save journey. Enjoy your ride.

  2. You're welcome, thanks for checking it out.