Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sport-touring: A catapult into spring… riding forward

It’s late March on a Friday, I’ve just finished cranking out a few miles on the rat-mill, endorphins are flowing and the weather is cool with just the right wind speed to encourage one to set out on a moto ride. Who could resist? Not I.  Such is the seductive power of smooth tarmac coupled with moto bliss conducive-weather.  Spring is officially here and with it for most riders another official moto-season and another year.

The 250R (aka Scully) has been inspected: fluids, tires and all systems are “go”. It is time to let it do what it does best, let it run just like the unselfconscious child most of us once were.  Twenty-thirteen is here and it is demanding to be experienced not simply plow through, and sport touring is just the means to facilitate such endeavor. My U.S. map still hangs on the wall providing inspiration whenever needed it; the list of destinations is ambitions, as any worthy endeavor ought to be. 

Last year was an eventful one, full of fun rides, exciting adventures and one that saw the final departure of close friends, a catalyst for the present.  Louie Zamperini once said; “ Life is about experiencing all the things you find interesting and fascinating… participate in life”.  I find sport touring fascinating and I intend on participating. What are you waiting for? Go out there and experience reality, exponentially beautiful reality.