Friday, October 7, 2011

Moto-Touring: How it all started, meet the 250’s predecessors.

I normally prefer to forge and create new memories but sometimes I will take a duly nostalgic walk down moto-lane. Most of us have fond memories of events that served as the catalyst for our present reality [fill in the blank]. Some of my fondest memories include my initiation into moto-sports. I’ve always been fascinated with two wheels, but I’m unable to recall the exact moment I decided that I must have a Motobike. Join me; grab a Pale Ale let’s walk.

Undeterred by the risk involved in the sport, I signed up for my local MSF course in Southern, CA. I easily passed the course and was on my way to obtaining my M endorsement, fast-forward two years to January 00’, and I met Blondie (aka 00’ yellow 883 sportster). It had been two years since my MSF course but I was determined to ride, and went out and got me a shiny new Ride, some may call it a quarter life crisis.

It took a few weeks before I could ride on the super slab and eventually I did, and it was exhilarating! I spent many lunch breaks and weekends riding around So Cal., up and down The Sunset strip,Los Feliz Boulevard, Melrose avenue, Hollywood Boulevard, Mulholland Highway, Los Angeles Crest, Malibu, Ojai, Pacific Coast Highway, San Diego and along the Coast near Santa Barbara. It had always been my goal to moto-tour and back then I went on my first overnight moto trip to Morro Bay, CA. It was a short trip but it cemented my interest in touring. However, Moto bliss ended soon after that trip, as I had to return to school and Blondie and I parted ways. With only 6500 miles/10,400km on the odometer it was a tough decision.

For the next ten years I meandered through the shiny, waxy aisles of various moto dealers, daydreaming and plotting my next two wheel rendezvous. After various moves across the States due to either miscellaneous or important reasons I landed in Maryland, U.S., and was finally able to afford another ride. And that’s when I met Ed (aka 07’ Gray 883L Sportster). Unfortunately, just like in dating some interactions are only temporary.

Ed was extremely utilitarian, handled poorly; lacked acceptable suspension and the quality of the ride was far from safety or confidence inspiring. Once again my steed and I parted ways, except this time I was glad. This road trip only lasted 1300miles/2080km. Fortunately, by then I had decided to get off the Hog, made in the U.S. wagon and was determined to find a ride that complimented my riding style, moto-touring aspirations and most importantly, my budget. And that’s how I met Scully and how this Blog was started, Enjoy the Ride.

Blondie, Circa 2000 near Morro Bay, CA.

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Mr. Ed, 04/2011, at Quantico, VA., paying homage to the Leathernecks,
Semper Fi.

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