Sunday, August 28, 2011


Between Earthquakes and Hurricanes on the East Coast, it would make one think that it’s time to move out of town, well almost. Since that is not a real option right now, let’s move on to the next best option: go on a Moto-tour. I have clung onto this idea for quite a few years now, and now it seems like it may actually happen. In the past ten years something always seemed to get in the way, whether it was worthless jobs, a move, school, lack of funds and a bike!

But this time the gear has been gathered and tested (sort of), the bike is almost tune up, training miles logged, now is time to simply step up to the gate roll the throttle and Ride.

Things I’d be interesting in checking out along the way: Blues bars, local Micro Breweries (for a post ride refreshment) Good food, and of course the twisties. Got any suggestions? Le’ts hear about it.

One rider, one Motorbike plus minus 17 days to surf the undulating Tarmac, from base camp in D.C. out west and back. There is no itinerary, no must do or see, simply ride. Ride. Ride to counter the quotidian mental fog and stagnation. Because Riding may assert that “ This life is more than ordinary….This life is more than just a read thru” (RHCP).

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